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Expected average adjusted yield is 4.9 % per annum.

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Overview of Investments

222 investors have already invested 1,279,968 € in 1,931 loans with FerratumP2P.

5.10% Expected Net Annualized Return
302,152 / 1,176,769 € in 5 loans available for investments
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How it works

FerratumP2P is an alternative to bonds, shares, bank deposits and instruments of collective investments. Businesses and individuals apply for loans which are provided to them based on the prediction of their repayment morale. These loans are then offered to investors who can participate in the investment together with the bank. This type of attractive investments was previously available to large investors only, but today you can benefit from them, too.


Investing into loans

We offer an opportunity to participate in safe and already approved loans. Ferratum Group participates in the same loans. This kind of attractive investing was previously available to large investors only, but today you can benefit from them yourself.


Risk Management

There is a series of measures in place aimed at keeping your investment safe. Ferratum Group manages the process from the beginning to the end. The screening of clients to establish their credibility is done by applying banking standards. We handle the process of out-of-court debt collection ourselves and react immediately to clients’ needs in order to be able to resolve any situation in a problem-free manner. Thanks to our decade-long experience with 1,200,000 loans that we have granted, there is nothing which can find us off-guard.


Who is behind it

FerratumP2P is a business scheme of Ferratum Czech s.r.o. The company is part of Ferratum Group, a pioneer in the area of financial technologies and providing mobile loans. The group is active in 23 countries across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America. It was founded in 2005 in Finland, and in 2015 became a joint stock company. Ferratum Oyj stock is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Why Ferratum

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The expected adjusted annual yield from the granted loans depends on the loan type, the risks associated with the loan and the specific company. The average expected yield from an investment is 4.9%. The performance of any of the past loans does not guarantee future yields. Every loan is preceded by a stringent screening process of the potential client’s corporation. Invest prudently.


While investments into securities are subjected to many different influence factors and it is essential to watch the development all the time, when investing into loans you don’t have to do anything at all. Everything takes place according to a planned script. Be it interest payments, watching the repayment discipline or the investment’s maturity. Ferratum takes care of all these necessary steps for you. Your decision is limited to whether to invest or not.


Before a business or consumer loan is approved, the potential client’s company is subjected to a stringent screening process applying banking standards. As the result, the highest standard is maintained in the loan granting process.


Speed, convenience and transparency, but also prudence and experience in the process of granting loans in accordance with banking standards. All this FerratumP2P offers.

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