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Take comfort in our no-risk buyback policy. START INVESTING TODAY
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Automate investments
Set up rules in your profile and let the autoinvest invest on your behalf.
100% buyback
You'll receive 100% of unpaid principal if a loan is delayed more than 60 days.
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Why FerratumP2P?

100% buyback
on unpaid loans

Over 10 years in
the money lending business

Average expected annual
net return of 4.9%.

Backed by
a large organisation

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Average expected annual net return
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Invest safely and securely

  • Investments for everybody

    At Ferratum P2P, we think of those new to investing as well as those who are experienced investors. New investors can take comfort from the simplicity of single-click investing in Basic Mode, while experienced investors can make use of our AutoInvest or invest via API options. For those wanting more control, we offer an Advanced Mode where investors can browse details of each loan.
  • 100% Buyback on unpaid loans

    Our no-risk buyback means we will pay back investors 100% of the money they invested if the debtor is more than 60 days in arrears with repayments.
  • Average expected annual net return of 4.9%.

    The average expected annual net return is 4.9%, however, the actual return on investment depends on the loan type and associated loan risks. Since every loan is unique, the performance of previous loans cannot guarantee future returns. Rest assured, all loan applications are carefully reviewed, and loan approvals are based on a number of factors including the borrower´s ability to repay.

It´s simple to invest with FerratumP2P

  1. 1. Open an account

  2. 2. Transfer funds

  3. 3. Invest

  4. 4. Earn interest

What is FerratumP2P?

  • An alternative to securities

    While investing into securities is influenced by many factors and requires constant evaluation and monitoring, when you invest with FerratumP2P, you don’t have to do a thing. Whether its the interest pay-outs to investors, monitoring debtor repayments and investment maturity, we handle everything on your behalf.
  • Invest In Our Loans

    Loans offered on the FerratumP2P platform are active loans from Ferratum Group products. Every loan application undergoes a stringent review and approval process including credit scoring.
  • Backed by a large organisation

    Ferratum Group is a leading international provider of mobile financial services. As a pioneer in the field of financial technology, Ferratum has expanded its operations to 25 countries since its formation in 2005. Ferratum Oyi shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
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